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How Norway Rehabilitates Ex-Offenders with Substance Problems.

By Andrine Holtren,

London Metropolitan University.

This dissertation provides some new reflections on work-oriented rehabilitation and “aftercare” of offenders. Over the last 50 years, there has been a rise in the diversity of rehabilitation methods for ex-offenders. This research will explore two rehabilitation methods used in two contemporary organisations based in Skien, Norway. The organisations are helping people find new ways of life after prison and addiction. The two programs provide participants with skills such as carpentering, artistry, cooking, and personal skills such as self-expression. They also focus on being a drug-free escape and aid ex-offenders get back into work. This study uses data from 5 qualitative interviews with staff members from the two aforementioned organisations, exploring their personal experiences regarding the effectiveness of their work, and their views regarding their organisation’s future goals.



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