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What is this Journal about?

This website is designed to give students a space to share and showcase their academic work. All of the works here are provided by students who have obtained a 1st on their final dissertation projects from their respective universities. The Journal welcomes submissions from students of all academic disciplines who have conducted research relating to crime and justice, this includes but not limited to students who have studied law, criminology, sociology, anthropology and social science. The Journal has a global reach, accepting submissions from within and outside of the UK. Additionally, the Journal has a focus on social justice and harm issues. Whilst this journal does not use a peer-review process, all works are sourced from reputable universities and grades are confirmed by project supervisors. All publications are also overseen by the Executive Committee (see below) in view of the Journal's constitution

The JCJD is a London Metropolitan University project and is formally part of the London Met Labs (located within the crime branch). Dr Shaun S. Yates, acting as the Crime Challenge Champion Lead for London Metropolitan University and subsequently Director for the JCJD, established the JCJD in 2023. The JCJD benefits from an Executive Committee of volunteers who aid in screening students’ work, ensuring that such work is of suitable quality for publication on the site.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee below meets once a year to confirm the publication of dissertations whilst also deciding that year's 'Dissertation Prize' winner. 

Dr Shaun S. Yates


Jade Benn

Ellada Larionidou


Dr Gordana Uzelac

Dr James Alexander

Dr Eden Kamar

Josh Hepple_edited.jpg

Denise Morrison

Isifu Mwase

Josh Hepple


Dr Karen Dyer


Dr Xingwei Li


Kevin J. Brazant

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