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The Media (Series/Films) and Their Influence on Young People's Views of Cannabis's Adverse Effects.

By Bianka Sarkozi,

London Metropolitan University.

This research has aimed to understand the influence of films and series on the perception of young people (aged 18-25) regarding the negative effects of cannabis. To achieve this objective, this study employed a quantitative approach, specifically using an online survey with 63 participants. Respondents were asked about their views on how the media portrays cannabis use, whether it influences their generation, and if individuals are aware of the harmful effects of cannabis, among other questions. A key finding of this dissertation is that depictions of cannabis in the media (series and movies) is on the rise. Moreover, series and movies seem to significantly influence young people, making them more likely to experiment with substances such as cannabis. Finally, this dissertation argues that the media presents an inaccurate representation of the harms associated with cannabis use.



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